Attractive employer

By developing a strong corporate culture, clear leadership and development opportunities, Swedol offers a workspace for knowledgeable and enthusiastic employees who want to be part of the company and help develop both themselves and the company.

Our customers are professionals who live on their knowledge and their time. They are dependent on getting professional advice and solutions from us – their team. Therefore, we offer several specialist areas and several brands under the same roof. Together we are multidisciplinary Swedol.

All of us in the Group are part of the customer’s team – in all roles and at all levels. We have the same common customer that we are helping to service, in close cooperation with our suppliers and other partners.

Our customers like us because we put them at the center and show that we want them to be successful in their businesses. We are professional and pleasant, we simplify their everyday life and always try to find the best solutions.

Strong common culture

Simple, professional, heart and drive are the value words that form the basis of the Swedol corporate culture. These values provide guidance for employees in their work, how they act with each other and in interfaces with customers
and other stakeholders. Together, our employees create a strong corporate culture and Swedol takes a systematic approach to providing ways of working, tools and procedures that are required to be an attractive employer, both now and in the future


A prerequisite for Swedol to be able to offer qualitative goods and services in a simple and professional manner is that the Group develops together with committed and knowledgeable employees, now and in the future.

Swedol’s core values ​​are guidelines for all employees within the Group and in dialogue with the customer. Simply and professionally supplemented with heart and drive to reflect the important role that each employee has for Swedol’s offering. The development of employees requires, in addition to challenging tasks, relevant training and stimulating skills development.