What can we offer you?

The Swedol Group values consist of the four qualities: Simple, Professional, Heart, Drive.

These qualities are derived from our strengths, those that our customers and employees appreciate most of all. These four qualities guide us in everything we do – customer facing and internally. Both operational and strategic decisions should always be in line with our values.

Secure employment with collective agreements and pensions

The Swedol Group is a signatory to four different collective agreements within retailing and which agreement your employment is covered by depends on where you work and the job you do. Your employment always includes pension and insurance benefits. As an employee, you are also entitled to wellness benefit and very advantageous discounts in our stores.

Safe and attractive workspace

A good working environment is created together and is a high priority in the Swedol Group. Our code of conduct, occupational health and safety policy and values guide us in how we behave towards each other, the world around us and ourselves, and how we should strive to prevent, investigate, rectify and monitor our workspace. We invest in leadership and had a leadership program in place for all managers in 2018.

Interesting work

Whether you work in a store, as a salesperson, within logistics or in a central support function, we can offer you interesting work. Swedol has a clear growth vision and our strategy embraces many exciting challenges.