Sales through omnichannel

Swedol interfaces with its customers via an omnichannel concept that aims to deliver a coherent Swedol feel. All group sales channels support each other to create a flexible and tailored customer experience

Focus on customer benefits

Closeness to customers and the ability to meet them on their terms and conditions increases our scope to structure a competitive and attractive offer. Close interaction between the group’s sales channels enables customers to take advantage of Swedol’s offer based on their own unique wants and needs. Customers are served with high flexibility and can chose for themselves how they wish to interact with Swedol. Together, our sales channels complement each other to create a coherent and unique Swedol experience on each customer’s own terms and conditions, for example, a product can be bought online and returned in store.

Satisfied customers are the core of Swedol’s business and the key to profitability and sustainable growth. Knowledge and commitment form the foundation for developing and maintaining strong customer relationships. In order to assure customer benefits, the group measures customer satisfaction in the form of a CSI. The aim is for all concept brands to achieve a CSI of 75 or better. The total scores in 2018 were as follows:

Swedol in Sweden* 74 (78),
Swedol in Norway, 82 (74),
Grolls 72 (75) and
Univern 80 (78).

The fall in Sweden is probably related to internal structuring that has taken a certain focus away from stores and e-commerce. In Norway, the organization structure has been adapted to increase focus, which probably explains the rise there. To achieve these targets, the group monitors each respective store and sales district and implements individual action plans and targeted training initiatives.


The group reaches out to a large percentage of customers in the Nordic and Baltic regions via a comprehensive store network. Our stores offer quick and readily accessible service and high product availability. We also offer an ordering service for direct delivery that provides customers with rapid access to in-demand products, which simplifies the customer purchasing process and reduces unnecessary journeys to and from stores. The store network has its own management structure which means that the group can control all aspects of daily operations and ensure that the concepts are applied according to plan. In 2018, the organization was strengthened in Sweden, by increasing the number of regional managers, who are responsible for the operations of Swedol and Grolls stores within their respective region, from
four to five.

Field sales

Active, outreaching sales work is an important tool in forging long-term, strong and sustainable customer relationships. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic sales personnel interface with new and existing customers via face-to-face meetings. Over the past few years, Swedol has worked to strengthen and develop its sales organization within the entire group. In 2018, a common new structure was created in which five sales managers with responsibility for outreach sales work in their respective region and in parallel with regional managers responsible for store operations. A major initiative has been implemented on the key customer side within our Workwear and Personal Protection Division.


E-commerce is an integrated part of the group’s omnichannel concept and includes both traditional e-commerce and customer unique e-commerce solutions. This offers several advantages, which include greater accessibility, a broader range and the possibility of finding information on our offer very quickly. E-commerce is both an alternative and a complement to other sales channels and supports sales in both divisions via a common platform that has been developed to cover the needs of each respective division. In 2018, the roll-out of new versions of our concept brand websites was launched on a group wide platform. The new platform has an updated design with the focus on the customer experience and increased functionality via functions such as account management at individual level and certification services for larger companies. The group has also further developed the functionality of customer unique e-commerce solutions that offer larger customers the chance to integrate their purchasing systems with Swedol’s e-commerce for a transparent and efficient purchasing process.


In locations where Swedol does not intend to open one of its own stores, retailers play an important role by reaching out to customers that would not otherwise have the opportunity to shop in our stores. These retailers are often smaller companies such as independent trade stores, car workshops or builders’ merchants.